Importance of Chinese Tuition

Chinese, as many parents should all know, is probably the most challenging subject many students face in Singapore. This is because most of us don’t speak Chinese at home. In schools, many students tend to use English instead of Chinese, to converse with their friends and teachers.

It is no wonder why many students in Singapore are weak in Chinese. Nevertheless, the importance of Chinese has never diminished. Chinese language is increasingly essential in today’s context. Due to the growing influence of China in the global market, Chinese is becoming more widespread than ever before. Employees, with fluent Chinese speaking skills, are more attractive to employers in the job market.

As a result, parents are putting a greater emphasis on learning Chinese. Most of them encourage their child to read more Chinese books, watch Chinese dramas, and speak in Chinese. But, is there a better way to help our child improve their Chinese standard? How can we prepare our child to score well in the primary school Chinese examination?

Most parents opt for Chinese tuition to improve their child’s Chinese standard. However, parents reported varying effectiveness. Some parents believe that getting a Chinese tutor is particularly useful for their child and a minority feel that Chinese tuition is not practical. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Chinese education and why you should get a Chinese tutor for your child.

Why should I get Chinese tuition for my child?Chinese language is going to be an essential language in the future. Employers these days are not only looking for potential workers who have the right skills, but also those who are proficient in speaking Chinese. Outstanding Chinese speaking skills can open more opportunities for people in the world.

Additionally, scoring well for Chinese examination can give your child more benefits when choosing a Secondary school and junior college. Opting for higher Chinese, for example, can provide PSLE Chinese students more points than their peers and thus, give your child a better chance to attend his dream school. Similarly, with at least a pass in o level higher Chinese, students are entitled to deduct two bonus points from their L1R5. Hence, the seemingly benefits of doing well for Chinese examination cannot be underestimated.

Lastly, you should get a Chinese tutor because having a well-experienced teacher can form a robust Chinese foundation for your child. A Chinese tutor can spark your child’s interest in Chinese, making your child feel that learning Chinese is a joy rather than a mundane task. With the correct view on Chinese, it can motivate them to learn Chinese even after school. Furthermore, your child will have a better understanding of advanced Chinese language as he transcends to a higher educational level with a strong Chinese foundation.

How should I select an excellent Chinese tutor?

When selecting an excellent Chinese tutor, you must check on not only the suitability, but also the time and location and availability of the tutor.

A suitable Chinese tutor is one who is patient and tailors the Chinese lessons to match your child’s Chinese standard. Learning language, especially Chinese, is a slow and tiring process. The Chinese tutor must be patient enough to guide your child through his learning journey. Also, the Chinese tutor should customize the difficulty of the lessons so that your child can follow through the Chinese lessons.

More importantly, you must check the location of tuition and when the tutor is available to teach your child. It is not wise for your child to travel for long distances just to attend a tuition class. Many parents believe that it is reasonable to sacrifice the time of going for high-quality Chinese tuition. It is common to see many parents sending their kids to renowned tuition classes in the heartland of Singapore.

However, we must consider the limited time our child has to do the things they love. As we pursue academic excellence, we must not forget the mental well-being of our child. There is no need to send our child to those renowned tuition classes. So long, your child gets enough Chinese practices and opportunities to speak more Chinese, and it is useful.

What are the rates for Chinese tuition?

The rates for Chinese tuition depend on the experience of the tutor and the Chinese language level that your child is currently in now. For primary school tutors (part-time and full time), the rates range from $30 per hour to $45 per hour. On the other hand, MOE school Chinese tutors’ rates can go up to $55. This is because school tutors are more experienced, and they are very familiar with the Primary school MOE school syllabus.

When should I start Chinese tuition?

You should start engaging a Chinese tutor for your child when you realise that your child’s Chinese language standard is falling behind, compared to his peers. Also, you may send your child to tuition if you believe that he has not enough Chinese exposure in school or class.

It is imperative not to start Chinese language revision too late i.e., months before PSLE Chinese examination. This is because such Chinese tuition revision is not effective in helping your child. Chinese requires constant and consistent practices over a long period. This is to develop confidence in your child when he is attempting Chinese questions in the examination.

For a start, you may not have to send your child to Chinese tuition. You can buy Chinese books and encourage your child to read them to increase their Chinese language exposure. If your child has difficulty understanding Chinese in the early stages or write essays, do give them the help they need before it’s too late.


In conclusion, it is of paramount importance that your child is strong in his Chinese language. This is because Chinese is becoming essential in the world than ever before. Also, doing well in Chinese gives your child higher chances to attend the school that he likes. Chinese tuition is probably the most effective way to help your child to improve his Chinese standard. Nevertheless, parents must ensure that they select a suitable Chinese tutor for their child.